Uncover the Wealthiest US States

The United States is home to 69,560 ultra high net worth (UNHW) individuals worth at least US$30 million, equivalent to a third of the global UHNW population.

When it comes to the absolute number of ultra wealthy residents, California is the No. 1 state in America, with 13,445 UHNW individuals, according to the Wealth-X American Ultra Wealth Ranking 2014-2015. In second place is New York state, with a population of 9,530 UNHW residents, followed by Texas (6,475) and Florida (4,650).

But what about the concentration of the ultra wealthy in each state? Wealth-X examined the UHNW headcount as a percentage of the overall population per state and ranked the states in this interactive map.

The District of Columbia, technically a federal district, emerged as the area with the highest concentration of UHNW individuals, with 540 ultra wealthy residents that constitute 0.0820% of the total population. Wyoming ranked second, with 350 UHNW individuals making up 0.0599% of the population. Rounding out the top five were New York (0.0483%), Connecticut (0.0380%) and Montana (0.0371%).

Source : wealthx.com

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